Sri Lanka Flood Season

Posted on Jun 05, 2017 by Lucas Brasil

As time passes the numbers of victims claimed by the floods in Sri Lanka raises, with now more than 200 people killed and over 600,000 people left homeless by the terrifying storms. The Foreign Minister Ravi Karunanayake said that 16 countries have already started mobilizing and many had sent medicine and relief supplies to assist the victims. "We also have a lot of enquiries from other countries and organizations wanting to know our immediate needs. We are moved by the spontaneous response" says Karunanayake.

The risk of disease quickly increases with the raising number of displaced people and lack of temporary shelters. People are still without access to water and electricity, and rely heavily on voluntary services.

Mudslides are becoming increasingly common as the tropical forests have been cleared to export wood and plant tea, and they get worse in the summer monsoon seasons. Last year a massive landslide killed over 100 people. In this time of fear and danger, cell phones are a key factor in helping families to check in with relatives that have been exposed to the harsh storms. For this reason, has created a coupon code for the month of June that will give any users toping up to Sri Lanka 10% off, just use the code SRILANKA2017 at the checkout.