6 Tips to make a long-distance relationship work

Posted on Jul 15, 2021 by Lucas Brasil

When people migrate to new countries, it usually involves parting ways with loved ones. These often include romantic partners, such as girlfriends or even spouses. However, there’s no reason physical separation should mean the end of a relationship. Technology has come a long way and can help people build and maintain lasting bonds through consistent communication.

1. Balance Finances

Long-distance relationships between immigrants often involve very different financial situations. One person might earn a First-World income, while the other does not. An easy way to help balance finances and to take the burden of communicating off the person who may not be earning as much is to cover the phone bill. Online prepaid mobile recharge makes it easy to do this.

2. Text Via Online Apps

In America, most phone carriers allow international texting without additional charges. However, many developing countries charge extra fees for international texts. This makes online apps, such as WhatsApp or Telegram, great alternatives. Both people need data and access to the apps for them to work. International mobile top up can make data bundles more affordable when available.

3. Send Voice Notes

Many of the apps used for online texting are also useful for video calls and voice calls. However, time zone differences can make it difficult for people to coordinate schedules. Sending voice recordings makes it possible for two people to hear each other without crazy schedule restructuring.

4. Schedule Virtual Dates

The pandemic completely revolutionized the way people communicated and even dated. Virtual dates are now increasingly common, especially on online dating platforms. Couples can take separate local hikes together, eat together at separate restaurants, or enjoy a quiet evening watching the same movie. Sadly, this also eats through a lot of data, so make preparations for mobile recharge.

5. Travel Together

Long-distance relationships work best when the couple commits to meeting in person. Meeting in each other’s home countries might first come to mind, but this need not be the case. It might be even better to meet in the middle or at exotic locations. For example, a couple split between New York and Jamaica could choose to meet in the Bahamas or Florida for the weekend. They could even take a Caribbean cruise together.

6. Set an End Goal

For most people, remaining in a long-distance relationship forever is unsustainable. At some point, a couple that wants to make the relationship work for the long haul will need to find a way to come together. This is especially important for married couples who are separated by immigration. When long-distance couples know there is a foreseeable end to the distance, they are more likely to remain committed.

In an era of advanced communications and transportation technology, there is no reason relationships should be limited by distance. Yes, a long-distance relationship requires more work, greater commitment, and more resources. Even so, it is well worth connecting with someone you truly care for, instead of someone who is merely convenient to date because of proximity.