5 Biggest mistakes to avoid while planning a trip abroad

Posted on Feb 10, 2021 by Lucas Brasil

Whether you’re traveling overseas to visit family or to enjoy new experiences, there are a few things you need to remember to make your next trip is wonderful. Beware of these common pitfalls on your next trip.

Painful Data Overages

It’s easy to forget that when you’re abroad, you need a phone or data plan. Sure, you can use your home carrier’s phone plan on an international network, but it’ll get expensive quickly. Instead, buy mobile top up online before traveling so you’ll have wallet-friendly access to data and phone calls.

Not Planning for an Emergency

An emergency when you’re abroad isn’t ideal, but it happens. In the middle of a crisis, the last thing you want to deal with is struggling to place a call because your phone won’t work. Many global telecom providers like Natcom offer prepaid mobile devices and hot spots so you’re always connected and can confidently get the help you need without delay.

Getting Lost Without a Map

Social media wanderlust makes it seem cool to get lost on purpose. But in a strange city or country, getting turned around can be intimidating. You don’t want to have to rely on the kindness of strangers to point you in the right direction. Having enough prepaid data from providers like Digicel can keep you connected to maps or navigation apps so you can travel with confidence.

No Access to Cash

Not all countries rely on the same credit card or banking systems. It’s not uncommon that foreign credit cards aren’t accepted or can only be used at select banks or ATMs. You can exchange cash at the airport or your hotel, but you’ll usually pay higher exchange fees. Plus walking around with a ton of cash turns you into a target. Take the time to research whether your credit cards will work abroad, and find out which ATMs — if any — will accept your credit or debit cards.

Dreaded Jet Lag

Jet lag is real, and depending on how far you’ve traveled, there’s a good chance you might need a day or two to readjust. While you can’t completely avoid jet lag, you can minimize its effects by getting plenty of sleep the day before your trip and staying hydrated during the flight. Once you’re at your destination, depending on when you arrive, try to avoid taking naps that might further throw off your body clock. If you can, wait to sleep until the evening so your body can get back in sync.

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