Current Restrictions Keeping You Away from Loved Ones? Some Ideas to Stay Positive

Posted on Mar 09, 2020 by Lucas Brasil

The coronavirus caught too many countries by surprise. They are scrambling to put protective and preventive measures in place to stop the spread of this disease. The people most affected are frequent travellers.

Stay at Home Order and Lockdowns Impact Business, Families, Friends

Since this crisis emerged, travel bans and border closings separated us from business associates, friends, and family overseas. As the situation across the globe worsened, various countries are implementing lockdowns, stay at home order and social distancing orders in order to minimize the spread of infections.

Social Distancing: Get Out of the House

The isolation can cause feelings of depression and sadness for some people. To keep your spirits high and have a positive attitude, here are some suggestions on how to keep yourself active and occupied:

Many websites are offering free virtual museum tours, concerts, and classes. “Stay positive, connected…and creative while we hunker down together,” said one Texas man.

Getting fresh air and exercise is vital to good health and can relieve stress. Public parks, golf courses and public pools are mostly closed right now, but take advantage of good weather to get out of the house and take a walk

Outdoor activities can include:

  • Beaches – Many beaches closed because visitors weren’t practicing social distancing. Open beaches are not dangerous; crowded beaches are. If you find an isolated strip of sand, make it yours for a few hours.
  • Birdwatching – Now’s a good time to put a bird feeder or birdbath in your back yard. Grab those dusty opera glasses and binoculars and see which of our feathered friends are in your neighborhood.
  • Flower safaris – What’s in bloom? With gas prices so low, driving around and looking at well-groomed properties is a great way to break the boredom.
  • Parks and neighborhoods – If the parks in your area are open, you can enjoy the spring scenery. Just maintain 6 ft distance from the other people enjoying the park and do any of the following-
    • Biking
    • Hiking
    • Jogging
    • Walking

Connect During Social Separation

Nothing is as meaningful as a handshake, a hug, or a pat on the back. Because of the coronavirus pandemic, we are now supposed to be touch-free. You can stay in touch with family, friends, and business associates despite travel bans and border closings. With frequent phone calls, you can minimize the feeling of isolation. Make use of Facetime to keep children in touch with their grandparents. You can even have cooking demonstrations with video calling!

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