Battle the Living-Abroad-Blues: Call Your Loved Ones!

Posted on Jan 10, 2020 by Lucas Brasil

There are so many reasons people choose to live abroad. The most common reasons we move to another country are:

  • Better quality of life
  • Education
  • Money savings
  • Weather is better
  • Work/employment

Some of the uncommon reasons people live abroad include:

  • It makes you a better person. You learn to understand diverse cultures and this leads to greater respect and compassion for others.
  • Living abroad increases your confidence. You may struggle with language and foods at first, but you’ll become increasingly sure of yourself.
  • New friends – even romance – will enhance your life. If you’ve struggled with social relationships, you’ll find your home country’s expats are extremely welcoming. (“We’re in this together!”) Shy people have a better chance of developing romantic relationships, too. You’re “special” just because you come from another country!
  • Your resume will be more interesting. People stuck in dead-end jobs find living and working abroad gives them a competitive edge in the job market.

It’s a wonderful lifestyle! Still, there will be times you feel guilty about living abroad. Your loved ones at home may not be able to live as well as you. There’s one sure way to battle the living-abroad blues.

Your Loved Ones Are One Call Away

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How eTopUpOnline Can Help Chase Away the Blues

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