Digital Trends for 2021

Posted on Apr 20, 2021 by Lucas Brasil

Technology is probably the most dynamic industry in the world. It also has a strong impact on mobile communications and how consumers spend their money. Knowing digital trends ahead of time can help you plan for the future and decide what tech changes you might want to make in your personal life. These are the trends most likely to continue through the rest of the year.

Artificial Intelligence

When you contact phone companies online, you might receive responses from bots instead of real people. Sometimes, these bots are well-programmed and provide all the answers you need. Other times, not so much. Companies also use AI to analyze data and make recommendations, such as suggesting apps to install or ways to reduce your phone bill. As of 2019, 29% of companies use AI on a regular basis.


Artificial intelligence also affects the day-to-day operations of a business. It increases the opportunities for businesses to automate processes. Workers often fear the introduction of tech because it might take over their original roles. However, bringing tech into the workplace allows people to train for higher positions that pay more, involve more creativity and might offer more job satisfaction.

Remote Access

CNBC estimates that one in four Americans will continue to work from home through 2021. This will allow many previously office-bound people to work remotely via mobile networks. For immigrants overseas, it increases the opportunities to return home for longer periods of time or to travel the world. Remote access might also affect consumers as workers tend to experience more technical difficulties at home, overseas or while traveling domestically.

Cloud Services

More companies are moving to the cloud to provide infrastructure for remote work. Companies targeting consumers have also made cloud services more readily available and more affordable. People can use the cloud to back up important documents and free up space on local devices, such as cellphones and tablets. This reduces the need to delete photos forever or store them on external hard drives that so often become corrupted.


With the ushering in of a new administration in America that is focused on sustainability, telecommunications will likely play a crucial role in ramping up green living products and services. In the digital landscape, this might manifest in the following ways:

  • Recycling cell phones when upgrading to new ones
  • Reducing daily commutes by using apps to order online or work from home
  • Using apps to replace physical goods, such as calculators and calendars

Technology has become more accessible and more functional, but it also accesses more personal information to achieve this. One way people now limit the time spent online and the amount of access technology has to their data is to purchase prepaid phones and prepaid phone plans. If you think this is the right move for you, we can help. Create your eTopUp account today.