Hurricane Season is Here. How to Use Your Phone to Stay Prepared and Survive

Posted on Sep 13, 2019 by Lucas Brasil

Hurricane season is upon us and has already wreaked havoc on the Bahamas. For people living in the hurricane prone areas being prepared is of the utmost importance. Your cellphone is not just a communication device but a major tool you can depend on to get safety alerts from the authorities and to update loved ones who would be worried about you. has compiled some tips below on how to use your mobile phone to be prepared and stay safe.

1. Download Survival Apps

The American Red Cross provides disaster relief services all over the world. They have several useful survival apps for hurricanes, floods, earthquakes and other emergencies. Each app provides tips, tricks, and protocols for dealing with specific emergency situations. The hurricane app allows you to monitor weather conditions in your local area, throughout the storm track, and lets others know you are safe even if the power is out. Another plus: all of the American Red Cross' apps are free and available in Spanish.

2. Get a Power Pack

Portable power banks use a specialized battery and circuit to control power flow. A power pack enables you to store electrical energy deposit when you charge it and then later use it to charge your phone and other devices. Keep it (and your phone) plugged in until the power goes out.

3. Recharge Your Phone

Taking care of you mobile top up before you’re hit with a hurricane is vital to help you stay in touch with friends and family before and after a natural disaster. Make sure to top up your own minutes and loved ones’ minutes ahead of time. Even if no mobile or wireless service is available for a while, when it is restored you won’t have to worry about the hassle of adding minutes to communicate.

4. Only Use Your Phone if You Need It

If the power is out, it’s best to use your phone as little as possible to lengthen the battery life. If mobile service is available, keep your phone connected to the network in case you receive texts or calls. Texting uses much less power than talking on the phone, so if you are able to communicate with loved ones, use text instead of talking. Texts are also more likely to get through when mobile networks are overwhelmed. If cell service is out, put your phone on airplane mode or turn it off to conserve the battery.

5. Change Settings to Conserve Battery Life

Restarting your phone will turn off all background apps that drain your battery. Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and all app notifications. Turning your phone’s display brightness down to the lowest level will also lengthen battery life.

When faced with a hurricane, your phone is a crucial device that can help you stay informed and communicate with the rest of the world. If you or your family lives in the Hurricane prone areas of the Caribbean, United States or elsewhere, having a mobile phone armed with the right apps, power and prepaid minutes can keep you connected with the ones you love and help you survive during a hurricane.