Living Abroad Comes with the Guilt of Not Being There in Times of Need. Some Ways to Make a Difference

Posted on Dec 15, 2019 by Lucas Brasil

“Expat guilt” is seldom discussed, but it’s a very real emotion. Living out-of-country is becoming more popular and necessary for many of us.

Many seniors find retirement dollars stretch much further in Central America, for example. Some of us seek healthcare in another country. Students choose other countries for a better education. And people struggling to leave a bad economy or a dangerous political situation move to a place where they can build a better life.

Why We Feel Guilty

Even when we move to another country for the best possible reasons – an exciting new job, a travel adventure – it’s in our nature to have fears and doubts. Before you let negative feelings take hold, understand why you feel guilty and what to do about it:

1. Guilt because your lifestyle is so much better

You may have a modest income, but in another country, you can afford a gardener and a maid. Perhaps your work transfer included a luxurious apartment and you’re embarrassed about appearing “flashy.” You also feel guilty about your family at home, still struggling to make ends meet.

What to do – Seek the company of other expats. Like you, they want to live comfortably but don’t want to flaunt their lifestyles, especially in a country where poverty is high. Stay in touch with your family.

2. Guilt because you are starting over

You may have had a different profession in your home region, but must find work to make ends meet.

What to do – Don’t lose sight of the opportunities you’ll find in your new life. Connect with others in your field and give yourself time to form a professional network.

3. Guilt about your family

Your mother repeatedly says she wishes you’d “move back home.” You missed your grandmother’s birthday and the christening of your first nephew.

What to doStay connected to your family. More importantly, let them stay connected to you. They – and you – will feel much better when they can reach out to you in-the-moment.

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