How to Make your Phone Data Last Longer

Posted on Feb 20, 2021 by Lucas Brasil

These days, not having a smartphone isn’t an option since we all rely on them for more than just calling friends and family. But data can be expensive and these days it can be harder to find phone plans that truly offer unlimited data anymore. So, what can you do to make data last longer? has a few tips to make sure that you can get more mileage out of your data plan.

Get Friendly with WiFi

Relying solely on your cellular data plan to browse the web, or access apps is a bad idea if you have a limited data plan. Wherever possible, connect your phone to WiFi. This lets you easily perform everyday tasks like checking emails, texting, or even lets you buy international mobile top-up without using your cellular data.

Limit Push Notifications

Every time your phone sends notifications for recent emails or app updates, you’re using your cellular data. While you should still rely on WiFi or mobile hotspots where possible, limiting push notifications can help reduce overall data consumption. This way, you’ll only use data when you’re actively checking emails or have opened an app.

Check Background Data Usage

Many phone apps have a setting that allows them to continue running in the background, even if you’re not actively using it. While this gives you a seamless experience when you reopen the app, it can also consume a lot of data. Check your app settings and don’t allow them to run in the background if you’re not actively using them.

Edit Social Media Settings

These days visual content is king — especially videos. But if you don’t edit your social media settings, video content can dig into your data. Most social media platforms set videos to auto-play by default which can cause data buffering even if you don’t click on them. Avoid this common pitfall by editing your social media settings. Select the option for videos to only play over WiFi or to never auto-play to help minimize data consumption.

Pay Attention to Usage

This might not be the most exciting thing, but curbing data consumption can also require you to be mindful of how you’re using data throughout the day or week. While most smartphones will log how much data an app is using, you can also download apps that not only track usage but allow you to set limits to prevent overages. This can also help ensure that you have enough data to cover an emergency Natcom or Digicel mobile recharge when you need it.

No one wants the sticker shock that comes with a mobile bill that’s out of control because of data overages. Hopefully, you’ll incorporate these helpful tips and see your data bills drop in the coming months.