Q. Do I have to register to be able to eTopUp my phone online?

Yes, all users are required to register for the service. Personal details such as name, address and email address and mobile phone details are required as well as credit / debit card details.

Q. Why do I need to have an email address?

When you register, an activation link to the site and code will be sent to the email address that was registered. Your account will not be active and your user name and password will not work until the link is activated. Also if you forget your password, reminders will be sent to that address too.

Q. I registered successfully and then tried to login and my details were not accepted?

After registering, you will need to go to your registered email account and retrieve a welcome email. That email will contain an activation link which you will need to click onto to activate your account. Until you do that, your account will be locked. That is just required once.

Q. What are the minimum and maximum amounts I can eTopUp a phone with?

The minimum per transaction is US$10 and the maximum is US$ 100. For certain countries, the maximum limit is US$75. Also, you cannot perform more than 10 transactions in a calendar month.

Q. Who can I contact for customer support?

You can either fill out the support form on the website and someone from our team will contact you at the earliest.

Q. Why is there a charge on my credit/debit card statement even though my card was rejected?

Even when a transaction is refused, the text "MOREMAGIC" can still show up on statements from your financial institution. This does not mean that etopuponline.com is withdrawing any money from your account, but this is simply how Internet credit card payments work. Each time you attempt to buy a topup from us, we attempt to reserve the amount on your account. When the transaction, for any reason, is refused, the reservation still shows up on your statement, but etopuponline.com cannot use it. Most banks are unfortunately very slow at removing such reservations, sometimes taking up to two weeks, and we apologize for the confusion.

Q. How can I store my credit card details so that I don't have to type them in each time?

We recommend creating a PayPal account for this. Just choose the Paypal option on the transaction screen and you will have an opportunity to create a new account in case you don't have one. Remember to verify your account as etopuponline.com only accepts verified Paypal accounts.

Q. How can I recognize my transactions on the Paypal/Bank statement?

If you made a payment using your PayPal account, the transaction will appear on your statement under the text "PAYPAL *MOREMAGIC". Note that etopuponline.com is a service provided by MoreMagic Solutions Inc.

Q. How can I set up a recurring topup profile?

To ensure that your payment method is valid, eTopupOnline.com requires that you set up a recurring topup profile along with a regular instant topup. Please go to the "Topup Mobile Phone" page and fill out the regular topup form. Then check the "I would like to schedule recurring topup for the above number" checkbox and fill out the recurring topup form. The recurring profile will be created only if your payment for the instant topup goes through.

Q. Can I cancel/modify a recurring topup profile after it's created?

Yes. You can go to the "Recurring Profiles" page and click on the profile that you want to cancel/modify. This leads you to the "Profile Details" page. You can cancel/modify the profile if it has an active status.

Q. What specific information about my recurring topup profile can I modify?

You can change the recurring topup amount. For profiles created using Paypal, the recurring topup amount can only be increased by 20% in a fixed 180-day interval after the profile is created and changes are not allowed within 3 days of the next scheduled billing date. For profiles created using a credit/debit card, you can also update your credit/debit card expiration date and billing address. When you update your credit/debit card info, you must enter all of the required fields, not just those that are changing.

Q. How many recurring topup profiles can I create?

Only one active recurring topup profile is allowed for a mobile number. You can create additional profiles for different numbers. You cannot create more than five recurring topup profiles.

Q. Can I modify the billing frequency of my recurring topup profile?

No, you cannot modify the billing frequency or billing period of a profile.

Q. How can I add additional billing cycles to my recurring topup profile?

Currently you cannot modify the billing cycles of your profile. However, you can create a new profile with a different billing cycle after the current profile has expired.

Q. Can I initiate a transaction using my handset?

Yes, you can create a handset profile and follow the instructions in the 'Getting Started' link to initiate your transactions.

Q. What is eTopUpOnline edition?

eTopUpOnline.com has several editions. Your default edition is highlighted on the top of the page. eTopUpOnline will always render pages in your default edition. You can change your default edition by clicking on the respective edition link. You must have cookie enabled in your browser to use this feature.

Q. Which edition should I choose?

You should use the respective edition for topping up a LIME, Roshan, +Movil, or MTS handset. To topup handsets from other Mobile Network Operators, please use the INTERNATIONAL edition.

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